Unless otherwise stated in the product title or description all of our fabric is 100% cotton.

Tips on navigating our website.

  • You can search for any theme, colour, or item you are looking for using the magnifying glass in the top right corner or the three lines in the top left will open a menu. 

  • You may click on any image to be taken to another page to see what other colours are available as well as the prices and sizes of cuts we offer online. 

  • Please ensure that the box is surrounding the NAME and SIZE of the fabric you would like rather than selecting the photo of the fabric. 

Why no lettermail option for shipping?
We charge what it costs us to ship packages using weight and dimensions outlined by Canada Post. The products we sell simply do not fit into the letter mail category, nor does it cost $4 to ship, even within the province of Alberta. If we offered this option, we would be losing money and potentially not making any profit on a sale.

Unless you’re purchasing from fabric dot com, which is a sister company to Amazon, or another large retailer that is able to readily absorb that cost due to massive sales volumes, that small local business is eating the actual cost of shipping to give you that option. Food for thought when you want to "support local".

How does curbside pickup work?
When you’ve filled your cart with goodies, start the checkout process by entering your information. You will then be taken to the next page where you can select the first option – “curbside pickup”. 

Once your payment is successful you will get an email confirming your order. Processing time varies depending on how many orders we have to pack. When we have finished packing your order you will get another notification saying it is ready to be picked up! 

We are asking people to pull into the handicap stalls behind the building. Once you are parked give us a call (please be patient if you don’t get through right away), and one of us will bring your order to you by either handing it off, putting it in your back seat, or your trunk, whichever you are most comfortable with to maintain physical distancing.