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American Made Brand Solids - Prepared For Dyeing

American Made Brand Solids - Prepared For Dyeing


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Our fabric is sold by the centimetre. The minimum cut is 25cm. Any order with less than 25 will be refunded and cancelled.

Our Upland Cotton uses only the finest yarns in the world and is entirely sourced and manufactured in the United States.

The cotton comes from all over the cotton belt which stretches from the Carolinas to the Mississippi Delta, Texas and California. It is grown by farmers that adhere to standards that minimize runoff and pesticide and fertilizer use. The spinning is done in North Carolina, the weaving and dying are done in South Carolina and we bolt the fabric in Seattle, Washington.

Prepared for Printing has been brightened to allow ink to saturate the fibres and appear more vividly during the printing process.

Prepared for Dyeing has been treated to allow the dye to saturate the fibres.

100% cotton. 44"/45" wide

Quantity Fabric Amount
25 0.25 m or 10 in
0.5 m or 20 in
0.75 m
1 m or 40 in
...200 2 m
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