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Dublin Linen 25 Count


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Zweigart Linen is a fine fabric held in high regard. Its smooth surface, cool feel to the touch and fine, natural flax-fibre texture have made it famous worldwide. With a great many types in counts ranging from 5.5 to 22 threads per centimetre, we offer an enormous selection of fabrics, from coarse to almost transparent, in vintage textures, petit point or classic look.

All evenweave fabrics are needlework textiles that are easy to count and thus suitable for counted embroidery techniques. They are usually open and square in weave and have a clear surface, so that warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same.

Each warp and each weft thread is alternately on top and bottom for plain weaves. What’s more, nearly all ZWEIGART® linen evenweaves have a firm finish, which makes them much easier to embroider, usually with two mesh threads. Our linen evenweave fabrics are of exceptionally high quality since we use very consistent and high-grade linen fibres. Our assortment includes both pure linen fabrics and linen blended fabrics.