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EQ Printable Fabric Sheets

EQ Printable Fabric Sheets

Electric Quilt Company


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Package of 6 sheets

Cotton Lawn is the softest, best-quality printable quilt-weight fabric perfect for your finest quilts and other heirloom projects. Great for photo quilts, especially those that will be quilted by machine or by hand. Premium 100% combed cotton. For inkjet printers only!

Thread count: 240
Available sizes: 8.5" x 11"

EQ Printables Sewable Inkjet Fabric Sheets

Print sharp, photo-quality images onto these amazingly soft inkjet fabric sheets. Take photos with your camera or use a scanner for old hand-written letters, a child’s artwork, or any cherished item you’d like to use in your next project. Once printed, let the ink dry, peel off the plastic backing, and soak. When the fabric dries, sew! It’s that easy!

Cotton Lawn is 240-thread count, premium 100% combed-cotton fabric. Perfect for your finest quilts and other heirloom projects, especially those that will be quilted by machine or by hand.

  • 8½” x 11″ warm-white fabric
  • Easy-to-peel plastic backing
  • No setting agent required
  • Colorfast and washable
  • For inkjet printers only

Print, Soak, and Sew!

The best photo quality and softest inkjet fabric sheets in the industry!

PRINT: Print onto the fabric using an inkjet printer. No special inks or printer settings are required! Allow the ink to dry for about 15 minutes, then remove the fabric from the easy-to-peel plastic backing.

SOAK: Soak the printed fabric sheet in room-temperature water for 10 minutes to remove the excess printer ink. Carefully rinse until the water runs clear. This process sets the ink without losing any colour or quality!

SEW: When dry, the fabric is ready to sew into your project!

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