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Mushroom Needle Minder

Mushroom Needle Minder

Florals & Floss

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Our fabric is sold by the centimetre. The minimum cut is 25cm. Any order with less than 25 will be refunded and cancelled.

Where do you put your needle when you are stitching and need to pause for a few minutes or get your next length of thread ready? It's far too easy for needles to go missing during these moments, but a magnetic needle minder helps avoid this problem.

A needle minder is composed of two magnets, one for the right side that keeps your needles from getting lost and one for the wrong side of your embroidery that keeps the first one from falling off.

This needle minder features a design from Florals and Floss, a local embroidery designer we adore!

  • 1.5 inches tall
  • the material is hard enamel with a magnet on the back.
  • The mushroom goes on the front of your fabric, and the magnet on the back. The magnet is what keeps the needles in place.
  • The outline colour is gold.
  • Magnet is a strong rare earth magnet.
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