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Organ Machine Needles | Anti-Glue

Organ Machine Needles | Anti-Glue



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Clover offers the highest quality machine needles in a large selection of sizes and types for every sewing project.

  • This proprietary Anti-Glue (also denoted as LP for Lubricant Plating) needle has a special coating which resists the gooey buildup associated with sticky interfacing and basting sprays. This thin coating helps reduce thread breaks associated with sticky buildup.
  • The LP needle is designed for embroidery and shares the shape and point properties of the embroidery needle style and incorporates the added benefit of a special coating.
  • For embroidery on most fabrics and specialty embroidery thread, especially good for sticky interfacing and basting sprays.
  • Light ball point and a unique scarf allow for greater stitch formation and control when stitching in multiple directions.

Needle Size

A general rule is to use a needle whose eye is 40% larger than the diameter of the thread. If you use a #75/11 or #80/12 size needle for 50 weight thread, you should use a needle with a larger eye when sewing with a heavier thread. We recommend a size #90/14 when sewing with a 40 wt. thread and a #100/16 needle when sewing with a 30 wt or 12 wt. thread. If you find your thread to be shredding or skipping stitches, try a new needle and go up one size.

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