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Batting - Packaged

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Hobbs Tuscany 100% Unbleached Cotton Batting is especially designed to give a soft hand and an even appearance. Exceptionally easy to quilt by hand or machine, it is one of the softest cotton battings on the market today. Hobbs Tuscany 100% Unbleached Cotton Batting is a soft, thin, low-loft batting, made with the finest clean, natural, long-staple virgin cotton available (and proudly displays the Cotton Incorporated Seal) – it resists bunching and shifting and is well-loved by those seeking to keep their white or light-colored quilts nice and bright.

Hobbs Heirloom Bleached Premium Cotton will give your projects the traditional flat look of antique quilts without the need for excessive quilting. Cotton is a breathable fiber that provides warmth and comfort. Heirloom® Premium Cotton is easy to quilt by hand or machine and drapes beautifully. Heirloom Premium Cotton can be quilted as close as ¼” and as far apart as 4”. Close quilting will be very flat, while more space between the quilting lines will yield a slightly higher loft.

 Hobbs Tuscany 100% Bleached Cotton Batting is especially designed to give a soft hand and an even appearance in light-colored quilts. Exceptionally easy to quilt by hand or machine, it is one of the softest cotton battings on the market today. Made with only the finest cotton fibers, this clean, bleached, long-staple, virgin cotton batting proudly displays the Cotton Incorporated Seal. Containing no scrim or binders, this 100% bleached cotton product is needle punched to resist bunching and shifting.


Heirloom® Premium Cotton Blend is made from 80% long-staple cotton fibres and 20% fine polyester. This combination of fibres creates a strong, long-wearing batt and is very easy to handle. The batting is lightly needle punched and treated with a soft resin to provide stability to the fibres and prevent the polyester from bearding. This process makes Heirloom® Cotton Blend Batting uniquely easy to quilt by hand.

Warm 80/20 Batting is a clean, natural cotton blended with new pillow-soft polyester, evenly layered and needle-punched into a lightweight, stable 100% cotton scrim. Uses a newer technology versus the 50+ year old spray glue method. Dedicated quilters don't want to deal with the stickiness of glue or the strong chemical smell and neither do you! Great for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Warm 80/20 adds that little poof with the breathable warmth of natural cotton.

Hobbs Tuscany Premium Polyester Batting is superbly soft, drapes well, and is manufactured to the highest industry specifications. Exceptional for hand quilting, it is also prized by machine quilters for its wonderful loft, which accentuates quilting details. Hobbs Tuscany Premium Polyester Batting is made with the finest siliconized, very fine, denier polyester – the fibres are carded, cross lapped and bonded to create a very strong and resilient batting that doesn’t beard or migrate.

Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting is soft and supple, quilts magnificently by hand or machine, and drapes like no other batting. The luxurious feel and lightweight nature of this batting is ideal for both quilts and garments. Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting breathes naturally, making it an excellent choice for airy, lightweight quilts and coverlets, and while it’s a ‘cool’ quilt, it can also provide excellent warmth.

Hobbs Tuscany Wool Batting is made with the very best superwash wool, which eliminates most or all of the shrinkage. It is then carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding (fibre migration). Tuscany wool batting provides superb insulation and the fibre breathes, allowing excess heat to dispense away from the body. It can be quilted up to 4 apart and is washable. We recommend washing in tepid water by hand and laying out flat to dry. It hand quilts like a dream, and is wonderful for machine quilters as well.