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Sashiko by Jill Clay

Sashiko by Jill Clay

Taunton Press


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160 pages, softcover

Learn the stunning art of Sashiko stitching with this comprehensive guide that's packed with inspirational ideas. Meaning "little stabs," Sashiko is a traditional Japanese sewing method that uses evenly spaced running stitches to create eye-catching geometric patterns. Includes 20 patterns and motifs that readers can choose from and use as templates for their own unique Sashiko designs as well as thorough guidance on the tools, materials and basic techniques. Projects include large-scale items such as bedding, a door curtain and wall hanging, and smaller items, such as brooches, greeting cards and notebook covers. "Sashiko" explores the history of this strikingly effective technique and demonstrates how to apply it to a range of useful and ornamental items for the home, accessories and gifts.

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