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Applipops Pro Pack

Applipops Pro Pack


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FABRIC IS SOLD BY THE CENTIMETREThe minimum cut is 25cm (10"xWOF). Any order with less than 25 will be refunded and cancelled.


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Create perfect turned-edge fabric circles in 90 seconds or less! Watch the How-To here.

Looking for a notion to pump out perfect applique circles?

  • No gluing.
  • No basting.
  • No tracing.
  • No templates.
  • No measuring.
  • No getting it wrong.

Applipops are made of beautiful stainless steel that will not stain, corrode, or rust. Remember though, because they are metal, they will get hot after prolonged contact with the iron. Let them cool down before picking them up.

Applipops are thinner than a dime to eliminate a thick edge!

Packs come in four different sizes of 5 each; 1/2" finished, 3/4" finished, 1" finished, 2" finished PLUS an assorted package which will make one each of 8 different circle sizes - .375", .5", .75", 1", 1.25", 1,5", 1.75" and 2"

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