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Floss Bobbins

Floss Bobbins

The Gypsy Quilter


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These ingenious little bobbins will keep your embroidery floss stash neat and tidy! The bobbins are made of a flexible plastic material. The top of the bobbin folds open so you can wind and unwind your floss. Fold the top back down to keep your floss secure and protected. 

What is especially nice about these bobbins is that unlike standard floss cards, they store your thread without creating any kinks or tangles. The bobbins are also translucent, so it's easy to find the color you're looking for. 

Each package contains six bobbins, and each bobbin holds up to 2 full skeins of floss. The bobbins measure approximately 2" in diameter, and 3/4" high when closed.

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