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Magnetic Needle Tugger

Magnetic Needle Tugger

Rainbow Gallery

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All fabric is sold by the centimetre. The minimum cut for online orders is 25cm or 10 inches. Any order with less than this amount will be cancelled and refunded.

25 = 0.25 m or 10 inches
50 = 0.5 m or 20 inches
75 = 0.75 m or 30 inches
100 = 1 m or 40 inches
200 = 2 m or 80 inches

The Magnetic Needle Tugger gives you extra grip to pull needles through tight spots. Easily clips onto scissors, zipper pulls or lanyards to keep it close at hand and then easily separate the puller tube from the clasp with the magnetic attachment. Perfect for those that find thimbles and rubber fingers difficult to stitch with, but that need the occasional help pulling a needle through a tough spot.

To use: pull tube free from magnetic catch, place needle inside tube, pinch and tug.

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