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Sulky Rayon 40wt - Variegated

Sulky Rayon 40wt - Variegated


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Rayon is made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products.

Add Pizazz to every project where you are going to see the thread on top! Sulky 40 wt. Decorative Rayon Thread is a lightweight, but exceptionally strong, silky rayon thread that is colorfast, both washable and dry cleanable.

Industry experts calculate that one 250 yd. small spool of Sulky 40 wt. Rayon thread can create 44,000 embroidery stitches and is a great size for those colours that are not used as often. Sulky 40 Wt. Rayon embroidery thread has the same lustre and soft, warm, natural look as silk with silk's smoothness, but it is stronger and less expensive.

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