Dot Rewards

Earning points is easy!

$1 = 10 dots, and some social media activities and birthdays are also rewarded with dots.

You do not need an account to earn Dots, however you will need an account to redeem Dots and share on socials.

Minimum Dots you can redeem is 1000 for $5 off your total order in-store or online.

Unfortunately, nothing can last forever. Any unredeemed Dots will automatically expire 12 months after they are earned.

How do I use my dots? Sign into your account and any awards available to you will be listed. Choose which reward you would like to use on your order.

You earn Dots on every dollar you purchase, so if you’re redeeming and have ordered more items, you will earn 10 Dots for every dollar you spend above the redeemed amount. You can only redeem one level of Dots per order.

Unless otherwise stated, the following are not considered qualifying purchases and will not accrue Dots:

  1. When redeeming Dots for a purchase;
  2. Taxes and fees required by law, bag fees, shipping fees, and other fees;
  3. Trapunto gift card purchases, but when a gift card is used to make a qualifying purchase you will accrue Dots.
Free Shipping over $250 will apply after all discounts and taxes, including the redeeming of Dots.

We reserve the right to change the level of earning required for each Dot and the redemption schedule for this program.

No rights in Dots. Dots are not property and you have no vested right or interest in Dots. Dots have no cash value. Dots are not assignable or transferrable between accounts or otherwise, and Dots cannot be combined across accounts, regardless of who registered the account. 

Trapunto's Dot rewards can change from time to time. Trapunto reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, change, modify or discontinue Dot rewards, in whole or in part, including any terms, rules, features, benefits, rewards, conditions of participation, Dots accruing or accumulation ratio, the Dots redemption policy, the Dots expiration policy, or any other aspect of the Program at any time, with or without advance notice, even though changes may affect Dots and rewards already in your account.