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Best Press Spray and Misting Bottle

Best Press Spray and Misting Bottle

Mary Ellen Products

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All fabric is sold by the centimetre. The minimum cut for online orders is 25cm or 10 inches. Any order with less than this amount will be cancelled and refunded.

25 = 0.25 m or 10 inches
50 = 0.5 m or 20 inches
75 = 0.75 m or 30 inches
100 = 1 m or 40 inches
200 = 2 m or 80 inches

Starch your projects effortlessly with the Best Press Clear Spray Mist Bottle. It's perfect to use with liquid starch. Its continuous spray performance allows for large areas of your pressing project to be starched quickly without leaking or dripping. The trigger is long enough for two fingers to grip.

Airless, non-pressurized, propellant-free, and works even when held upside down! This incredible spray bottle holds 10 oz. Pair this spray bottle with Mary Ellen's Best Press liquid starch gallon refills in your favourite scents!

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