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Pure Beeswax Thread Conditioner

Pure Beeswax Thread Conditioner

Alberta Honey Shop


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This pure beeswax is 100% natural with NO additives, sourced from beehives in Alberta, Canada. Since our beeswax is from rural Alberta bee producers, it is very high quality and low in toxins that might be found in wax near large cities. It requires no preservatives and is lightly heated and minimally filtered to preserve the integrity of the original product.

Since this pure beeswax is filtered very little, there can be some pieces of honeycomb or bee parts in this natural product.

Please note: Wax colour is dependent upon seasonal availability. Wax may be yellow to pale yellow in colour.

Each hex is about 1.5"x.5"

For some helpful information on using beeswax when stitching read what Needle in Thread has to say when it comes to beeswax vs. synthetic.

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