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Sashiko Sampler | Weaving

Sashiko Sampler | Weaving

QH Textiles


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Finishes 12"x12"

Kuguri sashiko is a two-step sashiko stitching technique. First, you stitch a hitomezashi (one stitch) sashiko design and then you weave under those threads to create a kugurisashi sashiko design.

Hitomezashi is a sashiko stitching style.  The designs are made up of single stitches in straight lines across the fabric. The stitching covers the fabric much more densely than the Moyozashi sashiko (large sashiko designs). 

Kugurizashi is a more advanced two-part sashiko stitching technique which involves using the Hitomezashi stitching as the base layer to weave threads under to create beautiful patterns and textures.

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