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Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting

Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting

Landauer Publishing


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A Unique Grid Technique for Piecing Images into Beautiful Quilts

A visually appealing and easy-to-follow project guide to creating mosaic portrait quilts by recreating any image or photo and breaking it down into “pixels”.
128 pages. 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Easy-to-follow project guide to creating stunning portrait quilts by taking any image or photo and breaking it down into small components

  • 6 step-by-step quilt projects of a blue daisy, rhubarb leaf, dog, cat, chicken, and bearded iris, to help you become familiar with the process

  • Intermediate to advanced quilters will build skills by learning an approachable, super simple grid patchwork and appliqué technique to create personalized quilts

  • Easy grid-focused instructions make the technique achievable for all quilters and sewing enthusiasts

  • Design your own patterns using what you've learned and accomplished, from photo to finish quilt

Learn an accessible and original prepared-edge appliqué technique to create your very own quilt portraits from photos of pets, family, flowers, and more!

Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting is a unique and approachable guide that will show you how to transform special photos into works of mosaic art with fabric. Opening with insightful, skill-building sections on getting started, colour and fabric choices, composition, construction techniques, troubleshooting, finishing, and more, you'll practice with two super simple beginner designs to help you get started. Then, try four step-by-step projects with original photos and grid templates—each more challenging, but divided into manageable, bite-size pieces, to help you develop your own take on this unique style.

This visually appealing quilt project book offers detailed guidance on the basics and essentials to know before you begin, including technique tutorials on how to grid a photo, make a template, finish a quilt, and other skills. You can use what you've learned and accomplished to go on and design your own photo-inspired quilt patterns!

Author Timna Tarr is an award-winning quilter and designer for Studio E Fabrics known for her quilt style of using photographs. Her work has been showcased in The Quilt Show, Quilting Arts TV, and many other magazines and books.

With step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, and expert tips to complete each mosaic quilt project, plus comprehensive advice on colour and fabric choices, prepared-edge appliqué, and more, inside these 128 pages, you'll learn how to make your own quilt patterns inspired by your favourite photos! You'll also find an inspirational gallery of author Timna Tarr's quilts and the photos they're based on.

Discover a whole new way to quilt and equip yourself with the skills to make your own custom designs, with Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting!

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